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Stretch marks can occur as a result of natural growth such as teen stretch marks or women who experience rapid growth during pregnancy. Other documented causes of stretch marks indicate that stretch marks can manifest as a side effect of taking hormonal or steroid related medication or creams. In some cases, such as weightlifter or body builder stretch marks, the stretch marks can be a side effect of taking growth enhancing drugs such as steroids or similar growth hormone based products. This can also occur in professional athletes who use these products for performance enhancement or to speed up the healing process associated with injury.

There are also reported cases of stretch marks being caused as an unfortunate side effect of taking medications to treat other medical conditions. A prime example of this is women who take hormonal based birth control pills or medication. Other people who reported stretch marks experienced them as a side effect from prescription based products that treat conditions such as depression.

If suspect your stretch marks are caused by using medication for other treatments, it is recommended you consult with your medical practitioner to work out the best way to treat your existing medical condition without causing stretch marks as a side effect.

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