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The most common cause of stretch marks in females occur during pregnancy as a result of the stretching of the skin under natural growth conditions. Female stretch marks can also be caused as a side effect of taking hormonal (birth control pills) or steroid related medication or creams. In young girls, female stretch marks can occur as a result of a natural growth spurt.

Prescription based medications for conditions such as depression are an example of medications that can contribute to female stretch marks. It is recommended you seek medical help if you suspect another medication is causing or contributing to your condition.

For females looking to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy, you can check the natural remedies section of this site for additional information. Treating stretch marks during pregnancy and after pregnancy requires due diligence with regard to the ingredients and potential consequences on the unborn child.

It is not advisable for pregnant women to use Retin A stretch mark based creams during pregnancy due to skin absorption of the ingredients. Please see your medical practitioner for advice suitable for your condition and do due diligence before using stretch mark based creams. The pregnancy stretch mark section of this site has further information. To hide embarrassing stretch marks consider using: stretch mark concealers.

Additional information is available on the causes of male stretch marks.

stretch mark remedies
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