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Pregnancy stretch marks is sensitive topic among pregnant women because of the stress and embarrassment it can create as a result of negative self image. The sustained stretching of the abdomen that takes place due to pregnancy weight gain usually means that pregnancy stretch marks will appear during the sixth or seventh month.

The most common region where pregnancy stretch marks occur is the stomach area but can also include the breasts, buttocks, arms and thighs. The color pigmentation of these marks can vary from brown to a pink, red and purple color shade.

In some cases the pregnancy stretch marks fade
after the pregnancy but in some cases they dont and treatment options become a consideration. The best defense against pregnancy stretch marks is to take adequate precautions during your pregnancy.

Not all stretch mark creams are suitable due to the potentially toxic ingredients. More information is available in the stretch mark cream section of this site.

Find out more about the warning issued by doctors as to which stretch mark creams should be avoided during pregnancy. If you would like additional information on natural stretch mark remedies then visit the natural remedies for stretch marks section of this site.

To hide stretch marks use stretch mark coverup makeup.

The next article deals with preventing stretch marks during pregnancy.


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