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There are a plethora of different products that are used as a home remedy for stretch marks to moisturize and preserve the skin. The most common natural stretch mark remedies to help avoid stretch marks include: shea butter, vitamin e cream, emu oil, olive oil and baby oil. A good time to apply your chosen remedy is immediately after a shower when the skin is soft and receptive. This helps with skin absorption.

Using home remedies to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy starts with early preparation. There are different reported results from people who have used a variety of different methods as a home remedy for stretch marks. One common trait from reported cases of success is that they started to apply the remedy to the skin at least two months prior to childbirth. Doing so helps preserve the elasticity of the skin and makes the skin less susceptible to tears.

A case study of success involves a women who used castor oil as a home remedy. She applied the castor oil during the last two months of her pregnancy and reported that she had no visible signs of stretch marks after her pregnancy ended.

It is also important to maintain good skin hydration by consuming adequate water and eating healthy food. Maintaining skin hydration ensures your skin is less likely to become dried out and susceptible to tears. Make sure you drink plenty of water and eat a well balanced diet.

If you've developed stretch marks and you need a quick way to conceal stretch marks, use stretch mark coverup makeup.

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