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One way to help prevent stretch marks is to focus on internal stretch mark prevention by maintaining healthy skin. Crucial to this facet is maintaining a balanced approach to diet and exercise. Proper water intake helps to hydrate the skin, keeping your skin soft and less likely to develop stretch marks.

It is also a top priority to consume foods that promote skin health. A diet high in zinc, vitamins A, D and C together with adequate protein intake also helps to prevent stretch marks. Foods that are high in zinc include nuts and fish. High vitamin foods include milk, carrots and citrus fruits that contain large concentrations of vitamins A, C and D.

Some other suggestions for stretch mark prevention products include natural ingredients or stretch mark prevention products that contain moisturizing properties. One such suggestion is Shea Butter. Shea butter is a great moisturiser to minimize the appearance of stretch marks by softening and smoothing the skin. You need to faithfully apply this on a daily basis. Users have reported that consistent use has helped to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy.

Other potential stretch mark prevention creams are products that contain natural oils. Vitamin E and Emu oils can be used as stretch mark lotions or as stretch mark removers by fading the marks over time. You must remember that these alternatives may not remove stretch marks instantly but they may fade them over time. Olive oil or baby oil are other products that have been reported as helpful by users. Apply these lotions immediately after a shower when the skin pores is soft, open, and receptive to absorbing the applied product.

Stretch mark creams are also available to reduce and prevent stretch marks. There are several different stretch mark lotions available on the market. Users of retin - A based creams have reported positive results. For additional information on natural stretch mark prevention see the article titled:
natural stretch mark prevention.

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