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Chemical peels involve the topical application of a base solution to the stretch mark affected area. (Trichloracetic acid). The stronger the solution the deeper the skin layer that is affected. This causes the skin to blister and eventually peel off. The procedure is performed in a suitably qualified professionals office or in a surgery center. You may be required to follow certain requirements such as discontinuing certain medication prior to the procedure and you may require repeat treatments to achieve maximum result.

Chemical peels have a skin tightening effect by targeting deeply entrenched supporting skin structure. . TCA peels penetrate further than AHA or BHA peels and studies have shown that this stimulates collagen and elastin development. By assisting in skin cell development, chemical peels for stretch marks can contribute to a reduction in stretch mark appearance.

How much does a chemical peel cost?

Costs vary depending on your location. A guideline is $150 - $300 per treatment. For a more complete breakdown of costs and the associated requirements for stretch mark chemical peel treatments it is recommended you seek the advice of a a suitably qualified professional in your area.

The following articles introduces another form of treatment: laser therapy for stretch marks.


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