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There are many different types of stretch mark treatments and determining which type of stretch mark appearance treatment to use depends on the condition, age and cause of the stretch marks. Stretch mark treatment will vary for pregnant women because of risk considerations. Natural stretch mark treatments can be used as a stretch mark prevention measure without the risks associated with Retin A based stretch mark creams. In some cases, users have experienced positive results fading and reducing stretch marks using common everyday home treatment for stretch marks.

In some cases, stretch mark creams have proved to be beneficial to fade and reduce stretch marks.
The stretch marks creams section of this site has further information on creams that are commonly used by people. You can also consider using stretch mark makeup to hide stretch marks as a short term solution.

Additional information on how to treat stretch marks and the type of stretch mark treatments available for more deeply entrenched stretch marks is covered in separate sections of this site. These treatment options involve specialised and supervised treatment by a qualified professional.

The costs associated with specialised stretch marks treatments, in some cases, can be very expensive. The links below provide a schematic overview of the more specialised stretch mark treatments.

Laser Treatment for Stretch Marks

Microdermabrasion for Stretch Marks

Chemical Peels for Stretch Marks



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